Why is my first bill so high?

We Bill in Advance. This means that your first bill will include a full month AND a partial month’s worth of charges. For example, if your service began on January 15th, your first statement will cover January 15th through January 31st AND the next full month of February.

Check the date range under “Prorated Charges from Prior Month”. It’s possible to have nearly two months worth of charges on your first bill.

Installation and Activation Fees. Unfortunately, there may be installation costs for some of our services. Your first bill will reflect these charges. Additionally, if you made a recent change to your service (changed your internet speed, added Caller ID, etc.) there could be other fees charged.

Equipment and Labor Charges. If you’ve recently received new equipment (modem, router, battery, etc.) or had technician work done, you will see these charges on your bill.

Required State and Federal Charges. Truth-In-Billing laws require ATC to itemize your statement, enabling you to see every state and federal surcharge assessed. The following charges are required for landline telephone service: End User Access Charge, Emergency 911, Idaho Universal Service Charge, Idaho Telephone Service Assistance Charge, Federal Universal Service Charge, and Federal Taxes.

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